According to a report in Sunday World, farmers came out in their numbers and are up in arms over allegations that a senior staff in charge of popular soapie Isibaya is a thief.

According to one of the farmers, Chris Mabunda, who opened three cases of stock theft after he discovered that his goats, cattle and sheep were stolen back in 2014 and 2015.

As Bizarre as this may sound, he also claims to have seen one of his stolen goats on Isibaya in “a scene depicting rural settings”.

He also added that the alleged thieves stole the goats using a vehicle registered to Bomb Productions, which produces the soapie.

Sunday World says it has even seen a sworn affidavit from the show’s producer in which he reportedly admits to being the “mastermind” behind the stock thefts and commits to settling the matter with the farmers. Mabunda has reportedly been left shocked, though, that no arrests have been made.