2016 – an Era in which death tolls rise, value of the South African Rand drops and the cost of everything; from petrol prices to basic essentials are on the increase – not forgetting the crime and motor vehicle accident rates of which many community members as well as emergency medical services are trying to beat.


The morning of 14 September saw paramedics declare a motorist dead on scene along the N12 Highway or infamous ‘death bend’ after rocks were thrown by criminals as a hijacking tactic, causing the vehicle to capsize, claiming the life of a resident from Lenasia, south of Johannesburg.

The third image is the car of which rock throwing proved fatal

The third image is the car of which rock throwing proved fatal

Reports states that the fatal incident occurred at approximately 3:30am. In another occurrence, theft of vegetables strewn across the road after being ejected from a transportation vehicle when it overturned left onlookers in awe. Traffic piled up as motorists ridiculously stopped by to help themselves to potatoes. Clearly, this is not the effect of poverty but greed and crime instead.

Car hijackings, rape, murder, assault, fraud, motor vehicle accidents, kidnappings, domestic violence – is this the country our former president Nelson Mandela fought so hard for through the unscrupulous and prejudiced Era of Apartheid? What is the root cause of crime? Is it unemployment? Or maybe he effects of drug and substance abuse?Are we doing enough to combat crime in our country? This serves as a humble appeal to relevant authorities for serious crime combating action to be put into place before more lives of innocent citizens are lost or victimized by ruthless criminals. Let us work together to restore the peace and harmony in our diverse land which was once admired by the rest of the world. If we don’t who will?

Article By Faheema Sahib for Hinnews.com