The police are investigating a murder and an attempted murder case after an elderly couple who were attacked at their home at Marina da Gama, in Muizenberg, on Saturday morning.

Andrè Traut, police spokesperson said the police, upon their arrival at the home in Uitsig Road, found a 71-year-old man with a bullet wound to his abdomen while the body of his wife, aged 65, was found on the kitchen floor. She had been stabbed.

He said “The male was admitted to hospital for treatment. Police investigators are gathering evidence to determine what led to the fatal incident. It is too soon to speculate on the merits of the case at this stage”.

Muizenberg Community Policing Forum acting chairperson Frank Bokhorts said they rarely experienced this kind of a crime because the Marina da Gama was a low-crime area.

He said the area had many murders but it was generally gang-related killings.

Bokhorts “Uitsig Peninsula is part of Marina da Gama and it borders on the Seawinds and other areas. The residents have been complaining that there is a big vacant area just north of the area where there are a lot of people jumping over the fence.

“However, we cannot attribute the incident to that as the motive of the crime is completely unknown and it seems to be different from typical house-breaking and other petty crimes. It could have been domestic violence or housebreaking and robbery, but we cannot speculate at this moment”.

He added that the residents had previously been warned to be cautious as there had been murders before. He said “They have a good residents’ association that gives crime reports on a quarterly basis and they are up to date on such information”.