“It is also here to register the call for Zuma to step down‚” he said.

“We have to dispel the idea that these hundreds of thousands of people marching across the country have been bought‚” he said.

“It is patronising and an insult to the popular and collective intelligence of our people. When they vote for Zuma‚ it is not said they have been bought. But when they call for him to fall‚ they have been bought‚” he said.


“Part of what critics are saying is that these marches are racist‚” he said.

“What is the wisdom of this? Why would Zuma say these marches are racist? Because he saw a few placards. Those placards must be condemned‚ because there is no place for racism particularly on the picket lines defending our democratic constitution‚” Ndlozi said.

But Ndlozi said the very fact that racism and sexism have been allowed to flourish was due to the failure of the ANC for the last 23 years to transform racialised spaces.