A motorist in Durban was seriously injured after he became the latest victim of yet another rock-throwing incident near Southgate Mall in Durban at the weekend.

Recall that several incidents of rock-throwing have been reported in various parts of Durban especially on the N2 recently.

In August motorists reported a spate of incidents on the N2 highway before the Umgeni and M19 Interchange. This has sparked fears that a hijacking syndicate may be back at it again.

John van Groeningen, a railway train repair mechanic, said he received a call-out from the office at about 1am on Sunday and was responding to that when the incident happened.

The 59 year old said that while driving along South Coast Road, he saw a man on the right of the road.

Van Groeningen said that at first he thought he was being shot at, as the rock blasted the glass of the driver’s door window. The rock went through the window and hit him in his face, next to his eye.

He further said  “I was shocked and my eyes went blank at the same time. I thought I was being shot at with a gun. I was tempted to stop because I couldn’t see, but I decided to continue driving. I covered my right eye with one hand and steered the car to the nearest garage”.

He then contacted his son, who drove him to the hospital for medical assistance as his eye was bleeding and he was in a lot of pain. He said when he arrived at St Augustine’s Hospital, the nurses cleaned his eye and removed some of the glass particles before referring him to an eye specialist.

Van Groeningen said “The incident came as a big shock to me because I’ve been on-call a couple of times and have never experienced such a thing. I have a big fear now and it’s going to affect the way I work. When I go back to work and told to be on call, I don’t know how I’ll respond to midnight calls because of fear. I’m lucky that I’m alive because it could have been worse,” he added.

He urged law enforcement agencies to increase police visibility, especially when it rains, as syndicates were aware that it was difficult to drive under such conditions.

Colonel Thembeka Mbele, KwaZulu-Natal provincial police spokesperson confirmed the incident, adding that a case of attempted carjacking was opened at Umbilo police station for investigation.