In a statement released by the party on Thursday they said that they had reason to believe that Singh allegedly may have played a pivotal role in the Guptas’ capture of Eskom. The DA  have announced that they will be laying criminal charges against Eskom’s Chief Financial Officer, Anoj Singh.

“The DA will lay charges against Singh for possible breaches of Section 50 (1) of the Public Finance Management Act (PMFA), which states that an accounting officer at a public entity must “ensure reasonable protection of the assets and records of the public entity”and “act with fidelity, honesty, integrity and in the best interests of the public entity in managing the financial affairs of the public entity”, read their statement

“Furthermore, Section 50 (2) of the PMFA clearly states that an accounting officer at a state owned enterprise may not use their “position or privileges […] for personal gain or to improperly benefit another person”.

The official opposition say that Singh has been linked to a range of corruption scandals and dodgy deals at Eskom which must be fully investigated.

These include but may not be limited to:

  • The Trillian contracts of R495 million, as a subcontractor of McKinsey;
  • The arbitration settlement of R577 million, reduced from R2.1 billion, for Tegeta;
  • Giving Tegeta a R1.6 billion guarantee to purchase Optimum even if it wasn’t used; and
  • The upfront coal contract payment to Tegeta.

“As CFO of Eskom, Singh would have been best placed to provide access to those intent on looting the entity for their own selfish gain. This possibility must be fully investigated and should the allegations prove true, the DA will ensure that Singh has his day in court and that he accounts for his hand in the capture of Eskom,” read the statement.