Cape Town resident Deon Oliveira photographed an image of toxic looking bright green liquid running into the ocean on a Sea Point beach and posted it on Facebook.

He received a response from the City who confirmed that it is toxic coolant. The City said it had identified the green liquid as coolant used for commercial building cooling systems and these may also appear in blue and pink. The City says it has identified most of the main manufacturers of this substance, as well as the companies that service commercial buildings systems in the Cape Town area.

These companies are responsible for disposing of excess or used coolant when servicing cooling systems.

CoCT informed Oliveira it intends engaging with the various companies to make them aware that they are responsible and that it is illegal to discharge this substance into the City’s stormwater system.

Please see below the official reply from the City of Cape Town, Note: this is not a "story" and although we would all…

Posted by Dion Oliveira on Thursday, July 12, 2018