A creche caregiver who was caught on camera assaulting minors is expected to be sentenced on Wednesday.

Recall that Nellie Senwametsi was supposed to have been sentenced last week at the Oberholzer Magistrate’s Court but the matter was postponed as her lawyer was in quarantine.

Forty year old Senwametsi, was found guilty on two counts of common assault and one of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. This was after graphic videos of her assaulting three children on separate occasions at Ninnies Neurons Nursery went viral.

Senwametsi assaulted the children with her hands, ostensibly because they weren’t cleaning up after themselves properly. One child was beaten for refusing to sleep.

The crèche was however shut down after an outcry over the video and it was later established it was not been registered. The owner, Janine Edwards, was also arrested and charged with two counts of assault.

One parent who had been attending the court case told reporters her boy used to attend the crèche and would return with black eyes and marks on his body. The principal told her he got injured while playing when she asked.

The parent said last year that “My child started going to the crèche at eight months and he is now two years old. He’s an angry child and he is a bully after he was abused”.

In one instance, the enraged parents pounced on Senwametsi as soon as she walked out of court. They punched her in the face, slapped her and pulled her hair as she tried to get into a car.