A hideous rift and frame-ups within the police  has left officers of the force at logger heads, as some senior police officers are trailing to kill another senior cop alleged of masterminding the killing of a notorious underworld kingpin.

A top cop in the Western Cape says senior police officers in the province are working against him and effectively trying to frame him for setting up one of the most sensational underworld killings in 2016.

Major-General Jeremy Vearey has told Hinnewssa that he is aware of senior colleagues peddling “rumours” that he, together with an alleged gang boss, orchestrated the murder of Nathaniel “Nigger” Moses, the suspected head of a faction of hitmen.

“This is another attempt by certain senior officers within the SA Police Service, in collusion with a 28s gangster, to discredit me,” he said.

Vearey’s accusations have exposed major rifts within the Western Cape’s top tier of policing.

He has also taken a swipe at national police, saying he does not understand why he was never briefed on the outcome of a previous high-level investigation into similar claims made about him.