Residents in a KwaZulu-Natal community have carried out what they believe to be mob justice by beaten to death the alleged murderer of a 10-year-old.

KwaKhoza residents claimed that the 40-year-old had killed the boy, Alwande Mkhize, on Sunday.

The mob had surrounded the man’s car on Monday asking him to come out and atone for his misdeeds.

“They were threatening to torch the vehicle if he did not get out,” Eshowe police spokesperson Captain Tienkie van Vuuren said.

Police had attempted to talk the crowd down but the residents did not want to negotiate. Officers then shot two rounds from an R-5 rifle to disperse the crowd but the man had already been attacked.

“The man sustained serious head injuries as a result of being beaten with sticks, knobkerries and other hard and sharp objects,” Van Vuuren said.

It appears that the reason the residents suspected the man of killing Mkhize is that a jug which the boy had fetched water in was found with him having blood stains.

The boy’s body was found on Sunday with his throat slit and stab wounds in his stomach, neck and back.

His four-year-old brother said that when he last saw Mkhize, a man approached them to ask for water. Mkhize had then gone to fetch the man water. The mob asked the kid to describe the man and the description the little boy gave matched that of the alleged murderer.

Police are investigating the case..