The mindless and multiple rape cases by minibus taxi operators led the Gauteng police to scrutinise CCTV footage from ATMs and following up leads as they investigate the rapes of several women picked up by men in mini-bus taxis.

A Johannesburg woman has told Hinnewssa how she was raped in the back of a taxi in front of her ten-year-old son on Sunday.

One of three men in the vehicle pointed a gun at her.

She was told she was being robbed and her son was instructed to lie face-down on the floor.

“Then I could not imagine the whole time that I was there was praying that they wouldn’t even touch him.”

She says she kept thinking of how her son would be affected by the ordeal.

The woman says the incident lasted for four hours.

“I didn’t like what happened to me and I don’t think any of us is okay with that.”

The rape victim says she hopes that by speaking about the incident, she can encourage other victims to come forward, and potentially help prevent more attacks.

She says she hopes police will act decisively and her attackers will be arrested.

“Sometimes it feels like our justice system is not there for us.”

The police’s Lungelo Dlamini says they are searching for the suspects.

Calls have been made for swift action from police to arrest the suspects behind a number of rape cases in a Quantum taxi before community members take the law into their own hands.