Ackson, who some years ago changed women as if he was changing cloths has come out to say, ”all now belongs to the past”.


Sadly, he is still haunted by reputation.

 It is so bad, that to this day he is still called sfebe, just as he was all those years ago.

“When they see me they shout out that the community’s sfebe is coming,” said Ackson Ndhlovu (36), from Somalia Park squatter camp in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni.

He said he’d struggled with his reputation for so long that he decided to paint the exact word on his shack.

“I did it to give them what they wanted,” he told the SunTeam.

“I would have painted those words on my forehead if I could have, so people could laugh and get it over with.”

”Since i painted my shack the number of people making fun of me has dropped. Everyone knows what I used to be and there’s nothing more to laugh about.”

Ackson admits the name may have been justified. Although he wouldn’t say whether he kept a record of all the women who kept him company, he claimed to have slept with at least 120 women.

I have grown up now and have changed my ways when i realised i could get sick, he said.

He said he has been happily married for three years and is the father of two beautiful daughters.

“I was raised by a single parent and we struggled. One of my wishes was to build my mom a house. I realised if I carried on living the way it was I would probably die before I built that house.”

His wife Maria Ndhlovu (30) said it worried her when her husband was called names.

“He told me about the life he used to live and I accepted it. It makes me angry to still hear people calling him those names. But painting the shack was a good idea,” she said.

Community leader Mabongi Mchunu (33) said that they knew how Ackson used to be but they are sure he has changed. “Those calling him sfebe should stop now.”

Nonhle Sthole said the words on the shack wall made her realise Ackson was serious when he said he didn’t want to be called sfebe.

Thuli Duma (29) said they called Ackson sfebe because that’s what they knew him to be.

“He used to go through women like nobody’s business. Nothing will change our minds about that or make us think differently, not even painting his shack.”

Linda Msimang (37) said a leopard will always be a leopard. “He is fooling people when he says he has changed.”

Source: Dailysun