A businessman in Cape Town is suing a Lamborghini Dealership To Court after they failed to deliver his R5.6M Lamborghini car he ordered.

Problem started after the businessman identified as Ridwaan Rajah agreed with luxury car dealer Imperial Collection to help him acquire a Lamborghini  car he saw at an event. Agreements were signed and after some months the company delivered the car, but the wrong color.

Rajah said he demanded the get him the red color and the blue one they came with. He then agreed with them to sell it and get him the red one he initially requested.

The car in question is a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder. He had already received the R6.5-million for the sale of the first car and made a deposit of  R820‚000 for the second one, which after few months is yet to be delivered as well as his deposit.