An embattleed inhumane Durban man who killed his wife and two children in cold blood, is going through the worst hell in South Africa after he was forced at the court to pass through life in prisonment.

 Chatsworth father, Mogamberry Rajan Kandasamy was sentenced to life behind bars in the Durban High Court on Tuesday for the murders of his wife and two teenage children.

He was given three life sentences for the murder of his wife, Versha “Mala” Kanda-samy, 41, his son, Megandran, 17, and his 18-year-old daughter, Melarisa.

They were bludgeoned to death at their home in Moorton, Chatsworth in December 2013.

The court heard that Kandasamy attacked his family with a traditional Indian mace (garda) because his wife Varsha wanted to file for divorce and told him she was seeing someone else. One of the maces broke after his daughter, Melarisa, 18, was struck thrice on her skull.