The congregation was charged and got agog as earth-quaking miracles got underway for controversial televangelist snake pastor Penuel Mnguni. In his confession Mnguni said that after his arrest he came to the realisation that what he was practising in his church was not written in the Bible.

“I started watching Emmanuel TV and listening to Pastor TB Joshua and I came to realise that what I was doing was not scriptural‚” said Mnguni on Emmanuel TV.

Mnguni‚ of End Time Disciples Ministries who is popularly known as the “Snake Pastor” was widely reported on for feeding snakes to his members as a purported demonstration of God’s power.

Among the bizarre things he did was feed parts of a live rat to congregants‚ locking one of his congregation in a deep freezer for over thirty minutes and driving a car over congregants.

Mnguni who outraged human and animal rights organisations was arrested for his antics.

The “Snake Pastor” appeared before the Synagogue Church Of All Nations service on Sunday.

“It was a shock to many. Penuel told the congregation that he had read certain Scriptures such as Mark 16:17-18 which led him to believe he could feed his congregants with strange items to prove the power of God‚” wrote TB Joshua on his Face book page.