The supreme grip is  certainly spreading speedily to other sectors of the country’s national life. Despite the decision of the High court to strike out president Jacob Zuma’s nuclear ambition, the SA leader is still emboldened by the support from his close friends and ally.

The widely criticised Gupta family have broken their silence on the rejection of nuclear deal by both the court and the masses.

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The brothers in a private reaction insisted that other independent countries of the world experiment on nukes, therefore if SA government consider the adventure beneficial to the people then it could be given a fair considered. It is difficult to ascertain whether there is any vested interest regarding the pursuit and ultimate execution of this controversial deal.

Earlier today, the South African minister of energy Kubayi while responding to the Western Cape High Court’s judgment on April 26 which set aside the process. She stoutly echoed her resolve to appeal the court’s judgement on the nuclear issue.