A Court sitting in South Africa has issued a stiff interdict restraining the Economic Freedom Fighter commander- in – chief Julius Malema from carrying out his inciting public order on land in the country .

The court granted an interdict to civil and business rights watchdogs Afriforum and AfriBusiness‚ which had submitted an application for such a ruling in November 2016.

Malema‚ at the time‚ had made statements about occupying land in South Africa.

Tarien Cooks‚ safety coordinator for AfriForum‚ said in a statement on Tuesday that the EFF had been asked last year to stop inciting land grabs as it was a criminal offence.

The EFF reacted to this request‚ sent by letter from AfriForum‚ by saying that land would be taken without compensation and redistributed.

“AfriBusiness views private land ownership as one of the cornerstones of a flourishing economy that is based on the free market system. Any threat or undermining of private land ownership will deter local and international investors and lead to the flow of capital out of the country‚” said Armand Greyling‚ law and policy analyst for AfriBusiness.

“Should Malema or a member of the EFF not adhere to this interdict‚ they will be charged with contempt of court‚” added Cooks.