With the upsurge in cash-in-transit heist, investigation revealed that the situation stems from inside job and connections from influential individuals.

Mayor Herman Mashaba on Wednesday made a shocking revelation that one of the suspects arrested in connection with a cash-in-transit heist works at Luthuli House, the headquarters of the African National Congress.

“Yesterday I was informed of the arrest of four cash-in-transit heist suspects, among them an individual believed to be an employee at Luthuli House, the national headquarters of the governing African National Congress (ANC),” Mashaba said in a statement.

“The suspects were allegedly involved in a cash-in-transit heist in Dobsonville, Soweto, which led to a manhunt being launched. Some of the suspects were arrested on July 6 while the remainder were apprehended in the early hours of July 7.”

Mashaba said the raid was conducted by a joint operation of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department’s K9 Narcotics Unit and the SA Police Service. He said four hijacked vehicles were recovered, two of which were used in the robbery.

“The arrest of this individual does bring into question whether the ANC has been aware of the arrest of this individual and, if so, why they have remained silent on such an important matter,” said the mayor, who is a member of the Democratic Alliance.

“It also begs the question of how the ANC, while running national government, can employ individuals who so brazenly undermine public safety and the rule of law in our Country.”

The ANC could not be immediately reached for comment.