Grace Mugabe was accused by a Johannesburg woman of assaulting her with an extension cord at a Sandton hotel at the weekend.

Model Gabriella Engels, 20, alleges the assault occurred at about 9pm on Sunday night when Grace paid a visit to the Zimbabwean president’s two sons, Robert Jnr, 25, and Chatunga, 21.

On Tuesdays, Grace handed herself over to the Police and she was scheduled to make a Court appearance in Wynberg Magistrate Court.

Up till now, South Africans are keeping their fingers crossed and waiting anxiously for justice to be served.

Fikile Mbalula in a press conference said that the matter is proving difficult to deal with because of her Diplomatic Status.

Norwood Police spokesperson Tony Nathi said that there is a serious security threat from some angry South Africans that want to take laws into their hands to avenge the victim by assaulting and killing Zimbabweans.

”We received an anonymous letter from a group of angry South Africans blaming the Police for not bringing Grace to justice up till now.

”The letter also blamed Grace for trying to be a dictator in another man’s land.

”In the letter, they criticized grace for not apologising to the victim, the family, Women and South Africans,” said Nathi.

Nathi went on to advise people how to avoid this serious threat.

”Do you have friends and Family in South Africa?

”Please warn them not to move alone or late in the night over the next few days and not to speak in Shona Publicly.

”There is a real chance that Some overzealous South Africans might decide to attack ordinary Zimbabweans because of the Grace Mugabe incident.

”They have identified Joburg and Limpopo as their main targets as the Cities seems to be housing lots of Zimbabweans.

”Please just advise them to be vigilant over the next few days.

”They should first observe how the case is moving.

”The Police is trying their best to settle the matter amicably,” advised Nathi.

Many South Africans want justice to prevail as Grace has no right to come to the country and assault a woman on women’s month.