After collapsing  more than once at  public functions, the latest which happened few weeks ago, that got him whisked away to far away Singapore for urgent medical attention. It was revealed by a government spokesperson that his eye complications risked getting worse, the Zimbabwean leader is now making desperate efforts to prep his son for the presidency, in the event of any unforeseen eventuality. Although he had earlier on rejected homosexuality, threatening death and crude penalty. His exact word were reviewed:

“THEY are worse than pigs, goats and birds…. We will chop off their heads…” These are homophobic utterances of one Robert Mugabe, a Zimbabwe president who has made his stance towards the LGBTIQ community very candid.

Unbeknown to him, Robert Mugabe is carrying the seed of homosexuality himself. His third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, has revealed his true sexuality at an emotional interview with a U.K radio station, consequently confirming a cliche; “Karma is a b*tch!”.

“My coming out of the closet was an important move in that much as my father is advocating anti-homosexuality, his own blood carries the very cells of what he deems as worse than pigs….” Chipape Mugabe told the Good Morning U.K drive-time radio DJ.