This is gruesome and unbecoming, the tragic death is indeed a bloody one, and it happened in the office, where then can still be safe in the country?

“I know that the woman was found in her office‚ but I don’t know what was the cause of death‚” police spokesperson Kay Makhubele said.

He said he would release a statement once more information had been collected.

Similar reports said Thembisile Yende had been missing for nearly two weeks before she was found in her office.

Eskom officials were quoted as saying that “something untoward” had happened on the day that Yende had gone missing‚ referring to the fact that CCTV cameras had stopped recording.

Family spokesperson Mboneni Yende told the press that relatives had tried to figure out what she had been up to at work‚ but were told the CCTV surveillance system was switched off that day.

“The sad part is that on Thursday we went there‚ there were three workers that were inside the station working. On that day‚ it had been 10 days since had been missing‚” Yende said.

“Are you telling me that if someone has been dead for 10 days then you can’t smell anything? That is highly impossible. The people who were there knew what they were doing.”