A replica firearm was recovered after a man fought off two suspects who attempted to rob him on Springstone Place in Whetstone, Phoenix last night 6 July 2018.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were called out to the scene by residents requesting assistance after they heard an individual screaming for help on the road. Reaction Officers were dispatched to the scene and upon arrival were met by the victim.

He explained that he was approached by two suspects who asked him to hand over his cellphone. One suspect was armed with a firearm. The victim grabbed the gun and managed to wrestle it away from the suspect. He then threw the weapon into a property across the road and started screaming for help. The suspects then fled the scene on foot.

An inspection on the firearm confirmed it to be a replica gas gun. The victim was not injured in the attack and none of his valuables were stolen.

Reaction Officers conducted a search for the suspects however they still remain at large.