Warrant Raymond Mamaila, (Waterval Boven Police) the investigation officer told Middleburh Observer that he has been working on the case since the gruesome discovery of the body in October 2019.

An old man, who was looking for wood, discovered the body in a dry river bed in a bush on the Schoonspruit farm near Waterval Onder. The area is near the N4, as well as close to a railway line.

Mamaila said that it was clear that the body was not thrown from the train, but put down in the river bed after the boy was murdered. The child was naked and wrapped in a black bag.

According to the post mortem, the child was poisoned with Ratax, but it seemed that the murderer also tried to suffocate the child with the plastic bag.

He questioned everybody in the vicinity of the crime scene as well as people who stayed in the area, but it was clear that nobody was missing a child.  Mamaila suspects that the family of the child is not staying in the area. It is possible that the murderer stopped next to the road, walked to the river bed, put the body there, and drove off again.

He urged anybody who might have information about a baby boy who went missing in October last year, to contact him at 082 318 9912.