In a bizarre and heart breaking scene, 19-year-old  Snegugu Linda’s body was found on a pathway with her heart ripped out and parts of her digestive system lying next to her at Woody Glen, near Hammarsdale on Sunday morning.

Snegugu’s mother, Londiwe Linda, 33, who was at the scen said there was little blood and Snegugu had a doek over her mouth.

Linda said “She was thrown there. Nothing says she was killed there. Snegugu was still young and had more to do in life than die like this. We want to know who did this.”

Londiwe Linda said the last time she saw her daughter was two weeks ago, when she noticed a stab wound on her daughter’s hand.

Snegugu told her her boyfriend had stabbed her during an argument. However, the next day Snegugu left before her mother had time to question her further.

Linda said Snegugu had told her she was pregnant.

Linda’s friend and relative, Mpume Miya, 39, said they were alerted by someone who knew Snegugu’s family that Snegugu had been murdered.

Miya said Snegugu lived at home with her family and had been expected to return home yesterday.

She said “During the week she tried calling her grandmother Duduzile Linda and later sent a message where she apologised for being naughty”.

She said what had happened to Snegugu had made them sick.

Meanwhile, police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said Mpumalanga police were investigating a case of murder.

Gwala said Snegugu was found with multiple stab wounds on her back and stomach. She said the suspect and motive were still unknown.

Snegugu’s boyfriend, Sibusiso Hlela, 30, said he had last seen Snegugu on Saturday afternoon when she went to visit a friend.

Hlela had expected her back by 8pm. He said between 9pm and 5.30am he had searched for Snegugu in the area and also went to her friend’s house, where he was told Snegugu had left at 6pm.

At 5.30am, when he went to look outside, someone told him that his girlfriend had been stabbed Hlela said the wound on Snegugu’s hand was because she had hurt herself.