The Johannesburg police have opened an inquest docket after the body of Zimbabwean was discovered on Wednesday night during the inner city protests that saw cars being stoned.

Recall that on Wednesday night, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department had to close several streets after protesters started stoning vehicles and burnt tyres around the Mai Mai area.

The protesters were unhappy about a councillor’s lack of action after their squatter camp burnt down on Sunday following a gas stove explosion, leaving families without shelter.

Xolani Fihla, JMPD spokesperson said police were investigating a case of public violence and malicious damage to property for the protests and stoning of vehicles.

He said calm was restored after the local induna intervened.

Captain Richard Munyai, a spokesperson for Jeppe Police, said police discovered the body of Themba Ngwenya of Zimbabwean descent on Wednesday night.

An inquest docket had been opened, he said.

Munyai said angry protesters also shot at police, using live ammunition.

He said “The matter was reported to Mr Zondo who met with the residents and there was no agreement reached until the residents decided to barricade the roads around city and suburban, burning tyres, stoning the vehicles passing through M2 East freeway.

“Two vehicles were stoned, a Toyota Corolla and Ford Fiesta.

“Public Order Policing were summoned under the command of the Metro Police and on arrival they managed to disperse the crowd which was violent shooting at the police with live rounds”.

Meanwhile, Munyai said the deceased’s girlfriend was accused of killing the deceased, which led to a stand off between her and some members of the community.

He said the police rescued her by taking her to the police station.

Calm was restored on Wednesday night and police have been ordered to patrol the area and monitor the situation.