Some mothers have reverted to the ugly statues of the devils advocate in the country. The gory incident reportedly took place in Mdumazulu village in Mampondomiseni in Ngqeleni.

One of the villagers‚ Xolile Mgwebi‚ who revealed to the media said the baby was found after a young girl from Mduent had gone to use the toilet.

“She heard the baby’s cries and called adult people in the village to come. They managed to get the baby out of the toilet.”

Mgwebi told the paper that police had arrived after being alerted and the baby was taken away in an ambulance.

He said the 20-something woman who had dumped the baby had two children already and had told residents in the village she was unemployed and did not have money to raise the new baby.

“Police said she must be brought to the police station by a guardian today.”

Police spokeswoman Captain Dineo Koena was unable to confirm the incident or if the woman had been arrested at the time of writing.