Zekhiria Jansen is in a critical condition after being caught in the middle of a gang-related gun fight.

Zhekiria Jansen, an 11-year- old girl is fighting for her life after a ruthless gangster allegedly used her as a human shield.

Jansen was at Leonsdale Supermarket & Butchery in Elsies River on Sunday when rival gang members faced off just after 10am.

The area has been on high alert for months after a spate of shootings which also claimed the life of a seven-year-old girl.

The Kid had been sent to the shop by her foster mother, Rachel Ramjas, when gunmen opened fire.

Police at the supermarket where Zhekiria Jansen was shot.

A gangster inside the shop grabbed the little girl and held her in front of him as a rival shot at him.

The girl was shot in the left side of her head while a female customer was wounded in the arm.

Foster mother Rachel Ramdas had sent Zhekiria to the local supermarket.

“I sent her to the shop to buy a packet of rice and a packet of mixed vegetables,” Ramjas explained.


“The way I heard it, she was standing at the counter when this one jong (guy) wanted to shoot another guy,” said Ramjas.

“The other one took my daughter and kept her in front of him.

“She put up a fight to break free from him; it was at that moment that the gunman shot at the man.”

Ramjas said Zhekiria was bleeding profusely but managed to sit up.

Onlookers gathered as Zhekiria Jansen was taken to hospital.

The child is currently in a critical condition at Tygerberg Hospital.

“My daughter was shot in the head. We cannot say how serious the injury is right now,” she said on Sunday night.

“When I saw her after the shooting, (paramedics) said I must try and keep her conscious.

“I called her name and she sat up straight, she was in a lot of pain.

“The woman who was shot in the arm, we do not know her, she lives in the community.”’

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that a case of attempted murder was being investigated.

No arrests have been made yet.