Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan says while the culprits behind state capture are not being held accountable innocent people are being punished.

Global Software firm SAP recently suspended four executives while an independent investigation is underway into their alleged involvement in paying a Gupta family front-company kickbacks to secure contracts with Transnet.

Gordhan says the authorities are failing to investigate or arrest the real criminals behind state capture.

“They’d rather chase some innocent people, get CEOs fired in various places just because they stand up for the right thing, even if they’ve made mistakes before. The most recent example is in the last 24 hours, which affects 17 million people in South Africa who are receiving social grants. The guy who might have been trying to do the right thing actually gets in the way.”

Earlier, Gordhan said President Jacob Zuma must resign so that the country can be “reset” to fulfil the aspirations Nelson Mandela had for South Africa.

He also said if the African National Congress wants to retain power, it must earn respect.