On Thursday, the Mthatha magistrate’s court issued a warrant of arrest against the AbaThembu King Buyelekaya Dalindyebo.

The monarch failed to appear in court on charges that he allegedly assaulted his son, the former acting king, Prince Azenathi Dalindyebo, in 2020.

Luxolo Tyali, NPA spokesperson said Dalindyebo was due to appear in court on Thursday, but failed to do so and a warrant for his arrest was then issued.

Tyali said  “Xolani Mntamo came to inform the court that King Dalindyebo was ill and the warrant was stood over to March 10 2021”.

In March last year, Dalindyebo, who is currently out of prison on parole, was arrested for a middle-of-the-night rampage that allegedly involved him wielding an axe and a machete and terrorising his son and family at the Bumbane Great Place.

Videos taken at the dwelling showed clothes, believed to belong to Azenathi, strewn on the lawn. Some members of the royal family questioned whether Dalindyebo was under the influence of alcohol or other substances after he was accused of breaking into the homestead and smashing windows.

Azenathi had laid complaints of malicious damage to property and assault with police, leading to the king’s arrest.

The king earlier served four years of a 12-year prison sentence for arson, kidnapping, and defeating the ends of justice and was released in December 2019.

Since his release, the king has been staying at his Nkululekweni private residence in Mthatha, while Azenathi has continued to occupy the Bumbane Great Place, 50km outside Mthatha.