A vicious robbery gang invaded and raided the University of Johannesburg causing extreme fright and pandemonium, the criminal gang carried out a sustained onslaught on the helpless students who were  unsuspecting.

According to police spokesman Colonel Lungelo Dlamini‚ the robbery took place in the University.

“Two suspects entered a laboratory‚ armed with pistols‚ and robbed several students of laptops and cellphones‚” Dlamini said.

The students managed to alert security‚ who confronted the robbers and a shootout ensued.

“It is believed one of the suspects was wounded and some of the stolen goods have been recovered‚” said Dlamini.

However‚ one student who lives in the Kingsway Park residences says students are in great fear of their future safety.

“There used to be security guards at the entrance to the residences‚” the student said.

“But now there are only guards at the main entrance.”

It was also reported that students have been advised to keep their doors locked.

University spokesman Herman Esterhuizen could not immediately comment on Thursday morning‚ saying university officials were still gathering facts.,