A malicious murder robbed a school of a loving teacher. A husband also lost of a wonderful wife.

Evangeline Brockman was murdered by three suspects who have been arrested.

The 42 year old teacher was killed in connection with the shooting of 42, in Delft.

All three suspects are in their early twenties.

The victim’s husband Sidney, said his wife was waiting for him in the car while he was locking up his tavern in Delft, when three people approached him and asked him for R20.

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“I went inside to get the money for them, but as I turned I suddenly heard two shots going off and I rushed outside. The next thing, my wife was lying outside her car. They stole her tablet and ran away. They were two men and a woman.

“When I got to the car Evangeline was still alive. She died in my arms. She was a wonderful wife. We were married for five years. She was a lovely person and loved teaching,” he said.

Dawn Petersen, principal of Blomvlei Primary school in Hanover Park where Brockman was a teacher for 10 years, said the school and community are shocked.

“It was especially hard to tell her Grade R kids about her death. She loved education and the kids loved her. She was a spontaneous and bubbly person. The messages of condolences are still streaming in for her. When her husband called me on Monday morning to inform me about her death I just broke down and cried.

“Yesterday, her pupils could still not believe that she was not coming back. Due to the fact that our school is located in a crime-ridden area, we have made the school a second home for the children and Evangeline was one of the teachers who truly cared about the kids and the community. She contributed immensely to the education of our kids,” Petersen said.

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