Recently, South Africa has lost lots of celebrities to the cold hands of death over malicious attacks on them. The crime rate in the country is gradually getting out of hand.

Another well-known actress was shot in the early hours of Wednesday morning after gunmen entered her property.

Netcare paramedics said it responded to an incident shortly after midnight at a smallholding in the Randburg area.

“Reports from the scene indicate that several gunmen had entered the premises of a popular actress‚ shots were fired and she sustained two serious gunshot wounds. Exact detail to the incident and preceding events will however remain a subject for police comment‚” Netcare said in a statement.

“The Netcare 911 Advanced Life Support paramedics and her team arrived at the scene and found the actress to be in a serious but stable condition. The patient was treated at the scene and then transported to a specialised hospital under the constant care of an Advanced Life Support paramedic.”

Police is refusing to reveal the identity of the patient in an attempt to save her image and career.