Recently, crimes in most parts of South Africa is gradually getting out of hand as criminals keep taking laws into their hands and walking away scot free most of the times.

Ranging from hijacking, rape, cash in transit heists, house robbery, and murder just to name a few. But repeated attacks on farmers who provide the country with food is now becoming an everyday activity.

Another white farmer, this time an elderly woman has been attacked and murdered in cold blood in Limpopo by armed group of men.

Police in Roossenekal outside Groblersdal in Limpopo have launched a massive manhunt for the suspects who brutally killed an elderly woman at a farm in the area on Friday night.

The 78-year-old victim was found dead at Paddadam farm with multiple wounds to her body.

Limpopo police said that preliminary investigations have revealed that the suspects were travelling in a white Toyota Hilux VVTI with unknown registration number.

No arrests have been made so far but police investigations continue.

Last week, a white farmer, living in Bulwer town, KZN was attacked by a group of men. The suspects stabbed the farmer to death with a garden fork.

The farmer’s wife discovered his body — which had been doused in petrol and set alight — in their home late on Wednesday night.

Up till now, now arrests have been made on that incident.