According to Police reports, residents of Rosettenvile in Johannesburg are said to have burnt down properties used as brothel and tavern by drug dealers in the area by Nigerian Drug Dealers.

Confirming the report is Police Captain Mavela Masondo, who said that the angry residents went to houses they believed were used as brothels in the area, bringing out their properties and burning them;

“Residents identified houses of what they believed to belong to drug dealers and brothel owners. They then took out the furniture out of the properties and burned them,” said Gauteng police spokesperson, Captain Mavela Masondo.

Reacting to the incident, Johannesburg Mayor Mashaba visited the place and said there were serious allegations involving the police in that area regarding how the brothels are been run and that he has requested for an urgent investigation to be done;

“According to community members, these homes are illegally occupied by Nigerian foreign nationals who run the homes as brothels and have girls as young as nine years old working as prostitutes. Many of the women in these brothels are also alleged to have no official identification documentation,” Mashaba said in a statement.

“Some of these woman who work as prostitutes told me that the brothels are supported by officers from Moffat View police station. These are serious allegations and I will be contacting the provincial police commissioner Major General (Deliwe Suzan) de Lange and request an urgent investigation into these claims,” said Mashaba.