A Metrorail train in Durban was hijacked on Wednesday night by passengers who attempted to force the train driver to deviate from the route.

Train 0277 was en route from Durban to Stanger when, at Duffs Road, commuters wanted the driver, Zina Katzen, to go off course to KwaMashu.

They were angry that only one line was available to commuters, the others allegedly being used by Transnet Freight Rail.

The operational centre became aware of the drama when they overheard passengers threatening Katzen through the communication system.

General secretary of the United National Transport Union, Steve Harris, said the train came to a standstill and security removed unruly passengers.

“People think a train is like a car that you can just tell it wherever to go, but it puts it on another rail and things can go wrong.”

Harris said they were lucky there was no oncoming train. He said security has been increased, and the SAPS was now escorting train crews from Phoenix to Duffs Road, and between Effingham and KwaMashu.