A scary accident involving heavily pregnant woman and three others were involved in a high-speed collision involving four vehicles at a notorious drag racing spot in Springfield, Durban.

The 35-year-old woman, who is 40 weeks pregnant, was leaving a 24-hour eatery after seeing a movie with her husband when their vehicle was caught in the collision.

While speaking to The Mercury from the police station where they went to open a case yesterday, the husband said they had stopped at a traffic light and were waiting to turn into Umgeni Road at about 11.30pm when the front of their vehicle was hit by a BMW.

“It hit us after it collided with a Polo and came across Umgeni into Intersite Avenue,” said the husband.

It hurtled towards bystander Chante Budhoo, 20, so fast she did not have time to run.

“I saw the BMW coming and the Polo crossing the robot and could see they were going to crash. I tried to grab my friend and run but it was too late and I just turned my back and hunched down and the last thing I saw was the white flash of the BMW which was rolling towards us,” she said.

Budhoo was thrown to the ground on impact but was fortunate that the car had struck the traffic light, redirecting the vehicle and lessening the impact on her.

She was taken to hospital where she was found to have soft tissue damage to her hip and cuts on her hands.


Even when they clamped down and made arrests, spectators, business owners and staff in the area did not testify, making it impossible to secure convictions, which he believed would serve as a deterrent.

In February, metro police cracked down on drag racing in the area and impounded 22 “modified” vehicles, much to the ire of the owners. They were fined and told to undo the modifications.