According to Facebook users who shared the video which has since gone viral, the mother came to report a robbery incident at the station, however the officer she meet wasn’t paying much attention to her and thus problem started.

Please share this video in regards to a officer at Lenterguer police station… mishandling a mother in front of her 9 year child…she want to open a case at the station for a robbery incident that took place earlier the night subsequently the officer Constable Smith pays no attention to her he then continues to use abusive language to her this all in front of her 9 year old son .

So much so she told him about his duty to open a case which he continuesly refuse to do …he then gets aggressive and continues to swear at her all this in front of her 9 year old son…he then use the old way out as they normally do when they dont have they way to threaten her with arrest and he did what he did…miss handeling her…

As at the time of writing this, has reached out to our source in the area, to confirm the incident if its exactly how social media is reporting it.

Watch video belo;

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