A pastor who look almost exactly like the popular deceased armed Ananias Mathe says he is scared for his life. The pastor was once shot by the Police after they thought it was him.

Reverend Motlotlo Rabotapi said that people are scared of him saying he is the once notorious criminal and that he faked his death an now hiding out there.

While speaking to Sundayworld, he revealed that since been shot by the police back in 2006 after they mistook him for the criminal, he has only been able to receive an “askies”.

Speaking about how the whole thing went down, he said he was on his way back from a local spaza where he went to buy a newspaper;

“The car just stopped and I continued walking because I did not suspect anything. The next thing I heard guns cocking and I looked back. Then I saw four people pointing guns at me. At the time I thought they were criminals because they were not wearing any uniform. The next thing they started shooting at me. I was carrying a small bag and I had a Bible in my hand.

“They never bothered to ask me who I was. They just started shooting and it was only after one of the church members who was a police captain arrived at the scene that they stopped shooting. He explained to them that I was his pastor from the church.”

“After that all they could say was ‘askies we thought you were Ananias Mathe. That’s why we started by shooting because that man is dangerous’.”