Julius Malema is “forgiving” White people?!?  For what? For creating a peaceful and prosperous country in which everyone was fed, clothed, educated and where the Black people could obtain THE most sophisticated medical treatment, no matter what it was, whether surgery or otherwise, for no more than two rand? If they could not pay they did not have to pay anything.

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Where two hundred black doctors were trained each year? Where a new schoolroom was completed EACH DAY for Black children?

Where the People of the Transkei owned their own land AND the minerals underground? Where the Transkei was a free and independent country and Bopututwsana were about to gain the same status as the Transkei?

And now the entire country of SA is no longer a sovereign country but is owned lock stock and barrel by The Crown?

Malema, you are dishonest and you have a serious problem of envy of the White people and you WANT TO BE WHITE and you hate those who are and you hate yourself because you feel inferior. You have said so and accused the White people of looking upon Black People as “bobyaans”.

You live like a White man – a RICH White man with a mansion in the most expensive part of Johannesbutg, drive an expensive nice shiny car, just like a rich white man, dress just like a rich White man in expensive clothes, shoes – and of course, just have to wear a very expensive watch – just like RICH White man!!!

Your followers, all those poor hungry Black people, have no jobs, no nothing much at all – so different from what life was like under a White Government.

Stop being such a phony”! You are just a rabble rouser and it is for YOUR benefit only. You just love getting the crowds chanting and stomping their feet and singings “Kill the Boer” all in order to deflect their misery and anger and disappointment onto the White man, to pretend to be in opposition to Zuma in order to keep SA unstable and under your thumb.

Dear Malema, as you made another court appearance today over calls for land grabs and invasion, please leave white South Africans Alone. This message is coming from all concerned White citizens. Enough of your insults please.

Disclaimer!! This article was written by a columnist, Harry Blake and does not portray the views of Hinnews.com.