A boy, 9, became the victim of an alleged gang fight between gangs in Wallacedene, Kraaifontein.

Glenny Chamunorwa, a Grade 2 learner at Cavalleria Primary in Scottsdene, was shot in the head by a stray bullet on the corner of Skiet and Tongana streets in Wallacedene while walking home with his brother and sister from a nearby shop on Tuesday afternoon.

He died of his wounds in hospital less than two hours later.

Chamunorwa’s family, originally from Zimbabwe, said they were still in shock and struggling to tell his siblings.

Dinna Chamunorwa said she had rushed home from work when she received the call from her family informing her her second-born son had been shot in the head and was being taken to the hospital.

His grandmother, Enver Matora, who had taken him and his siblings to school early on Tuesday, said it was as if he had a premonition about his death as he had acted strangely the morning of his death.

She said “As usual I was getting them ready for school and all of a sudden he said he didn’t want to go. It was weird because he loved school and was always excited to go. After that he took out two of his pictures and placed them on my clothes that I had prepared to wear to work. As if he knew I’d cry over him later.

“He was such a good boy, smart and curious. We can’t believe he’s no more”.

The family had received support from the community organisation Kraailove.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said “It is suspected the victim was caught in the crossfire of rival gangs. Suspects are yet to be apprehended.”