According to a media report, a seven year old boy who drowned while swimming at a Durban Hotel was brought back to life after about 45 minutes with no pulse yesterday.

It took the persistence of the medic to ensure they did not leave him until they’ve done all they could for the little boy says Marshall Security spokesperson Kyle Van Reenen,

“the boy was left fighting for his life following a “drowning incident” at a popular Umhlanga Rocks hotel, north of Durban.

“The child was pulled out of the water and found to be in a state of cardiac arrest. A guest at the hotel who happened to be a qualified medical doctor, immediately initiated Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation whilst a call for assistance was made.”

“The boy was immediately rushed by Netcare 911 Ambulance under constant advanced life support monitoring, through to Umhlanga Hospital where he remains in a critical but stable condition,” he said.