A group of 27 boys were illegally circumcised in Scenery Park‚ East London‚ the Eastern Cape health department said.

A police investigation is underway to arrest and prosecute anyone that is responsible for that.

Police Spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo said police‚ traditional leaders and health officials raided the initiation school on Sunday afternoon.

Some parents whose children had been circumcised laid charges because it happened without their consent.

“Police are now looking for at least four people or traditional nurses believed to have been responsible for the illegal circumcisions‚” said Kupelo.

“Experienced traditional nurses [have since been] appointed to take care of them after assessments found them to be in [a] good health condition and their surgical procedures were done properly‚” he added.

The boys had been kept at the school since Friday against their wish.

Their parents have since opened cases with the police.

People are alleging that an unknown group is trying to carry out the circumcision in the coastal regions of South Africa in an attempt to uphold Tradition.