As part of 16 days of Activism of no violence against women and children, a rape victim and activist Alta McMaster founder of the EPIC Foundation opens up about her rape ordeal with Sakina Kamwendo on AM Live.

Her rape was organised by her late husband in exchange for financial favours and because she was scared of talking about her ordeal she never laid charges against her assailants. McMaster says rape victims still find it difficult to share their stories although in many incidents they know the perpetrators. Guilty, shame and stigma are some of the factors that McMaster says they deter people from opening up.

McMaster said that a lot still needs to be done to raise awareness around rape and the 16 days are simply not enough to address it.

“I don’t agree with 16 Days of Activism. Our campaign this year is 16 days of preparation for 365 days of Activism. We have chosen 16 topics that we want to discuss in split up sessions for the whole of next year. We want to empower people with information because most people don’t have information.”