Three Community Patrollers and a South African Police Service Reservist have been arrested in connection with kidnapping, bribery, corruption and extortion.

They were stationed at Pretoria Central. A complainant positively identified them and that led to their arrests.

The 38 years old complainant said, on Tuesday the 23 May 2017 at about 11:00 one female dressed in police uniform and three African males dressed in private clothes approached him while he was sitting inside his car at Pretorius and Lilian Ngoyi Street, next to McDonald in Pretoria.

The suspects knocked at the window of the complainant’s car, they asked for his driver’s license and he was told that it was a fake.

The officers took the complainant to Home Affairs to verify his passport permit, and the complaint was informed by the suspects that his passport was fraudulent. The complainant informed the suspects that his driver’s licence and passport are valid and authentic.

They went into the complainant’s car and drove around Pretoria CBD with him, from 11h00 to 16h00, demanded R10 000.00 and threaten to arrest and deport him if he does not pay.

At the end suspects demanded R3500.00 and went with the complainant to withdraw money from the ATM.

The complainant reported the incident to police and investigation was conducted, by Pretoria Central Detectives.