Half of the women surveyed in a new study turn to food to deal with stress and anxiety while more than a quarter of men choose sex or porn

The study by London’s University College surveyed 115 men and 250 women and found that 27% of the males chose sex and porn to relax, compared with only 11% of women. Fifty-one percent of women comfort-eat to calm anxiety, compared with 31% of men, UK media reported.

John Barry, who led the research, said: “For men, having sex is about dissociating from whatever troubles they are having at that particular time – it is escapism. The findings really play into the stereotype of a depressed woman gorging on chocolate and the man looking at porn on his computer.”

South African health and wellness expert Vanessa Ascencao said research shows that the desire for fatty and sweet foods when anxious or depressed is related to the stress hormone cortisol.

“We should find healthier ways to deal with stress. Consult your medical professional first and consider therapy, meditation, exercise, enough sleep, a healthy and balanced diet, Ascencao.

She said the ancient Persian spice saffron found in the feel-good food supplement Felix, helps boost mood-enhancing serotonin, clinically proved to suppress appetite.

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