Do you know that shaving your hair in your private part can get you skin problems or diseases?

Sure, it’d look neat and clean when you shave the hair in your private part, but there’s a big explanation below on which we’ll explain as to why you shouldn’t shave your hair in your private area.


Here are the explanation that you must read:

According to a study, most of the ladies are completely or mostly removing their hair from their private part. It’s like shaving has become a normal thing in our lives, but many of us have no idea of the side effects that it might give us.

A research from the “American Diary of Obstetrics and Gynecology” led by the scientist named Andrea De Maria published that 87% of women are going to the beauty salon to get their private hair removed by wax, while 90% of all women self shaving their own pubic hair.


According to her, that all women should not wax or shave their private parts because the skin in the genital area is very sensitive and is prone to cuts and even wounds.



The area below the waist is completely full of sweat glands. That means that the region is an ideal environment for bacterial growth. And if the skin in the private area suddenly got some cuts on it, then there is a great possibility of you having an infection in the part in which you have the cut.



Remember, pubic hair is important because it protects women from sexually transmitted diseases. So we highly recommend not to shave or wax your private part.

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