The alarming spate of drug peddling in South Africa, including the strange abuse of this deadly substance by young kids in the country, has prompted a wide scale investigation to the sources of these hard substance.

There are allegations of widespread drug abuse, which surfaced at a top Durban school after the suspension of a pupil.

The boy, who cannot be identified because he is under 18, was allegedly in the boarding establishment when the smell of dagga in one of the rooms attracted the attention of a master.

Three boys were in the room and dagga was apparently found near a window.

The suspended pupil was implicated in the incident.

A “concerned parent” sent a detailed statement to The Independent on Saturday, saying the boy, described as a straight A pupil, was being victimised because, although the incident took place in his dorm, he was not present and the accusations were based on circumstantial evidence.

The statement also claimed there was “a culture of drug and alcohol abuse” in the boarding house and school which needed to be brought to light. It said the boy was being used as a scapegoat after he spilled the beans on alleged drug activity, and initiations.

A disciplinary hearing is expected on Monday. Late on Friday, the school’s governing body chairman, said: “We are waiting for the findings and outcomes from the disciplinary hearing, therefore the matter is sub judice.”

He said allegations of dagga used as part of initiation in the boarding house had never been raised. “It is an allegation that warrants further investigation due to its serious nature. The outcome will determine our next steps,” he said.

The boy’s mother, who was reluctant to discuss the incident, said she was shocked. “His name has been pulled through the mud and he is devastated. He has gone from a well-respected boy to a villain.”