Fractured Penis.

There is no bone in the penis, but it can, however, break. The penis has an inner core called “corpus cavernosum” that can fracture from Cirque du Soleil type crazy sex (less feasible) and from vigorous masturbation (more feasible).

Many reports of this gruesome injury show severe pain. The penis actually bends and the pain is much when urinating.

Left untreated a penis fracture will heal, but it might result in permanent failure to achieve an erection and a deformed penis.


Excessive masturbation or using things that aren’t really lubricants like liquid soap, lotions, sandpaper, breast milk, etc, can lead to the tissue covering your perineum and scrotum becoming necrotic.

This specific kind of gangrene is called Fournier’s gangrene. It can lead to death. Treatment of penis gangrene is mostly done via skin grafts.

Internal Bleeding.

A study by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that 53% of women use “toys” while masturbating.

A woman’s deep lower abdomen is lined with iliac arteries. These arteries can rupture from blunt force trauma due to objects inserted in the vagina and anus. A rupture of an iliac artery leads to severe bleeding and sharp vaginal pain.

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