Having a $ex life is not at all a crime, but having it with multiple men/women will lead you to a deadly stage. You all must be aware of the term HIV that takes the life of a person slowly and gradually. You even must be aware of the reason for the infection, but you must not be aware of the steps to keep the virus at an arm’s length.

So, let’s know them here by scrolling down the page.

1 Should know which body fluids carry HIV

Any uninfected person can get HIV if he/she comes into the contact of any infected person through their rectal fluid, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk, blood, semen, and vaginal fluids.

2 Have proper test before coming close

Many think that they are free from HIV but, you never know your partner is also free from the virus or not. So, it’s better to have HIV test before having $ex. Especially, then, when you are going to have intercourse with a new partner.

3 Avoid $ex with unknown partners

It’s always better to have a closeness with trusted and fewer partners as it reduces the risk of deadly virus.

4 Use protections while vaginal $ex

Safest thing you can use to protect yourself from getting infected with the virus is a latex female condom and a normal condom.

5 Avoid unfaithful artificial artworks

Always prefer licensed artists for any type of body enhancements like piercings or tattoos as unauthorized artists may use contaminated devices that may infect you.

6 Use fresh needle and clean equipments

Make sure the injection that you are going to use is not used by anyone else before and it will be best if it’s fresh one. And clean equipment will reduce the risk of the virus.

7 Start using pills like Prophylaxis

This is the pill that is taken by the noninfected person only for battling the virus if ever it comes into contact. And use the pill only if prescribed by a doctor.