Here are 20 deadly cancer signs that most women neglect

  1. Short breath/wheezing– this is usually a sign of lung cancer
  2. Chronic cough/chest pain– a few cancer types like tumors and leukemia, cause bad coughs or bronchitis imitation. Some cancers like the lung one cause pain in the chest that goes down the shoulder and the arm.
  3. Often has fevers and infections– this could be leukemia. This issue creates strange white blood cells and removes all shields and energy of the body.
  4. Hard time swallowing- this could mean throat/esophageal cancer that could go hand in hand with lung cancer.
  5. Swelling in lymph nodes, neck, armpits and groin– these enlarged nodes mean the lymph system is affected and could be cancer.
  6. A lot of bruises and bleedings that don’t stop– this is one of the 20 deadly cancer signs. This means abnormal issues; when the red blood cells are affected it can be leukemia. With time, the leukemia cells increase more than red cells and platelets so the blood cannot transfer enough oxygen and clot.
  7. Fatigue/weakness– If it happens all the time it could be some cancer that has no obvious signs. If you feel tired for no reason, talk to a doctor.
  8. Abdomen weight gain and bloating– women with ovarian cancer usually report such bloating and weight gain in the belly.
  9. Satiety and low appetite– women reported less appetite than normal as another sign for cancer and even ovarian cancer.
  10. Pelvic pain/abdominal pain– this pain and cramps around the pelvis go with bloating too and mean ovarian cancer. Leukemia also causes this from the enlargement of the spleen.
  11. Bloody stool/rectal bleeding– this is also one of the 20 deadly cancer signs. It is usually a result of colorectal cancer. The blood on the TP is a reason enough to seek medical advice.
  12. Strange weight loss– this could be sign of rectal cancer and digestive organ cancers. It might spread to the liver and reduce appetite because the body cannot expel waste material properly.
  13. Upset belly/belly ache– these cramps also mean colorectal cancer.
  14. Red/swollen, sore breasts– this is obvious breast cancer.
  15. Nipple change– the most common change before a final diagnosis is made. The nipple might be inverted, flat or sideways.
  16. Painful and strange periods or in between period spotting– this might be uterus cancer. Do a trans-vaginal ultrasound in case of heavier periods.
  17. Swollen face– some lung cancer patients have puffy face, swollen or red face; this might be because lung tumors (small) can block chest blood vessels and the blood flow doesn’t reach the face.
  18. Sore/skin lump that is crusty or bleeds– the melanoma can signify skin cancer or basal cell melanoma/squamous cell carcinoma. Make sure you check every tiny skin area.
  19. Changed nails– some strange nail changes can indicate cancer, too. Brown/blackish dots under nails can be skin cancer. Also the nail curving down the finger over the tip also could be lung cancer, but not necessarily. If the nails are too pale and whitish, it can be liver cancer.
  20. Back pain and lower back right side pain– this is the last one of the 20 deadly cancer signs. A lot of cancer patients indicated this as liver cancer sign. Breast cancer can also do this because the tumor presses back to the chest or spine and ribs.